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Trees and arboreal features are wonderful ways to enhance the landscaping of your front yard, backyard, and even the front of your business! However, trees require just as much love and care as other elements of your garden.

Regular tree trimming is required to keep your trees happy and healthy. Just like humans, trees are susceptible to diseases. However, they also face the threat of molds, pests, and other dangers. When parts of the tree become compromised, it is important to cull them before they infect the entire tree. If left untended, the tree could quickly die and become a hazard, requiring tree removal to prevent the dead husk of the tree from toppling over due to a weakened root system.

However, poor tree maintenance is not always the culprit for emergency tree service. Heavy storms and other forces of nature can rend a tree from the ground, causing it to crash down on power lines, homes, cars and more. When this happens, know that our tree service company is here for you to provide emergency tree cleanup service to ensure that you and your neighbors are safe at all hours of the day.

In addition to our tree care services, we are proud to provide deck building. We are also a deck staining company so if you would like to increase the value of your home while adding space for family and friends to enjoy the warm months Oak Hill, WV offers, call Gatewood Solutions, LLC today in Oak Hill, WV to learn more.

Hedge Trimming

Have a gorgeous garden without needing to get down and dirty in the yard. Our tree care specialist will happily provide you with bush trimming to ensure your yard is clipped and clean all year round.

Tree Trimming

While large canopies can be gorgeous, they can also be a danger. Keep your trees well cleaned to ensure both the safety and beauty of your arboreal elements.


Gatewood Solutions, LLC provides comprehensive yard care including landscaping. Let us help you have the most beautiful lawn on the block.




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