Emergency Tree Service

We always do our best to prepare for the worst, but occasionally it is impossible. Large storms, underlying root rot, and even drought can cause the untimely death of a tree. Unfortunately, you may not know your tree is in peril until it has crashed into your home, car, or neighbors property.

Gatewood Solutions, LLC is proud to provide comprehensive emergency tree service to our friends and neighbors in the Oak Hill, WV area because we know when a tree has uprooted your life the problem can’t wait.

With stump grinding and tree removal services, we can help you turn over a new leaf and safely get your life back to normal. Debris removal is a part of our service so that after our tree cleanup you are left with nothing but a pristine yard that is ready for you to rebuild.

For more information or to speak directly with a tree care specialist, please call Gatewood Solutions, LLC in Oak Hill, WV at (304) 552-8318 today!