Tree Removal

Our tree company is happy to provide the residents and businesses in the Oak Hill, WV area with quality tree removal and lot clearing services. Complete tree removal and stump grinding may be required if a tree has died or if you are simply renovating the land and need a clean surface on which to begin.

It is important to clear dead trees as they can become not only a fire hazard but create a significant risk of toppling over. While regular tree maintenance can help to keep a tree vibrant and healthy, even the best tree care cannot prevent a disaster such as a storm that can fell a tree. Our team is happy to provide emergency tree service and tree removal to keep your home or business safe and clear of obstructive debris.

If you have come to our tree service company seeking our help preparing a lot for construction, we are proud to be the tree service company of choice for the Oak Hill, WV area. From stump grinding and to debris removal, our team can help you safely rid yourself of arboreal clutter.

For more information or to speak directly with a landscaping professional, please call Gatewood Solutions, LLC in Oak Hill, WV at (304) 552-8318 today!