Tree Trimming

While a tree with a huge canopy may look impressive, regular tree trimming is necessary to ensure the safety of your home and property. Without regular tree pruning, branches that have become infected with disease, mold, or pests may spread the infection to the trunk, causing the premature death of the tree and creating an unstable trunk that could fall and injure your home or family. Regular tree trimming also encourages fresh growth, helping your tree reach maturity faster.

Additionally, an excess of vegetation can be a fire hazard. With complete tree and debris removal available, Gatewood Solutions, LLC makes it easy for you to create defensible space around your home without lifting a finger. Plus, after we provide tree care your yard and garden will look fantastic.

Though it might seem easy to do the pruning yourself, it’s probably wiser to hire a professional tree service company for the job. It’s not easy to climb up a big tree and do heavy physical labor unless you’ve had a lot of experience. When it comes to tree care, it’s vital to have the right training and equipment.

If you are in need of tree or hedge trimming services, contact us at Gatewood Solutions, LLC in Oak Hill, WV. Call us today for all your residential and commercial landscaping needs.